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Pink Biscuit ~Rue de Paris~

My love for the brand Emily Temple Cute has not waned. I really hope to win the biscuit JSK in pink! The ivory colourway didn't incorporate well into my wardrobe because I have a lot of white blouses, and white on off-white isn't attractive on me. But, seeing as the iconic biscuit print from ETC is one of my favourite prints, I'm hoping the dress in pink can find a permanant place in my wardrobe. (´ ▽`).。o♡

ETC - Pink Biscuit
Lovely biscuit print. Not sure about the pink x green ribbon though!

I seem to always fancy ETC's older prints from a couple years ago, but this is largely due to the fact that I don't really find the new designs too appealing. Their online webshop has a few items that caught my eye, but none really pop out enough to compel me to buy them.

ETC Chocolatier
"Bunny Chocolatier" in pink. My partner doesn't care for this design either.

ETC Patisserie
Patisserie print in mint green. I think this print is so-so.

The issue about ETC being a specialty brand is that everything is so expensive (imho). Dresses can be $300CAD and above, and even something as simple as a fawn fur collar can cost over $100CAD. If I were super rich, I would buy all the Angelic Pretty, Emily Temple Cute & even Alice and the Pirate dresses my heart desired; alas, I have not gotten to such a stage yet. ヽ(´~`;) Oh, well! I'll settle for drooling over ETC's 15th anniversary jacket (costing over $800CAD) and the fawn fur collar while bidding on MBOK or Y!A for older -- rarer -- prints.

ETC Bambi Fur
Fawn fur beauty from ETC. An off-brand collar would cost 1/5 the price!


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